Google I/O 2015 was all about making better apps

Android M promised to be beautifully polished and smooth. New developer tools help bring the same to the apps we all love.

Google I/O 2015 was pretty awesome if you’re an Android fan. The new features coming to Google Now are an incredible display of machine learning and will tell us more about Skrillex than we ever wanted to know. The new Google Photos looks like a great (and mostly free) way to keep everything organized and available everywhere, and Chromebook users might just have a viable Lightroom alternative for organizing and cataloging photos in the works — we’ll be trying to do just that. Android Pay shows how Google can evolve and adapt when a great idea doesn’t get the traction they expected. And there were glorious beards.

But in 2015, even more than years past, Google is serious about developers making better apps.

Source: iMore

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