Getting to know Periscope

Periscope is made by Twitter, for Livestreaming the things that matter to you.

In our constantly connected world, we’ve gotten used to seeing everything fabricated to look ideal. The perfect angle, lighting, and wording for each photo, video or text post-no matter how long it takes. Authentic, in the moment video, without any alteration or tweaking to make sure everything looks absolutely perfect has been lacking. One of the apps to step up to the plate and try to give us what we’ve been missing is Periscope. We’ve seen users showing us everything from their breakfasts, and daily errands, to a pool party at Playboy mansion, and questionable broadcasts of major sporting events. By instantly connecting to your audience, in the moment, there really isn’t any end to what or how you stream.

So if you’re interested in how Periscope works, we’ve got you covered. Here’s the basics of both using the service, and broadcasting with it!

Source: iMore

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