Getting to know Nest Cam

Nest has now fully absorbed Dropcam and graduated its core products and services into the Nest ecosystem, and the result is Nest Cam and Nest Aware. If you’ve ever seen or used Dropcam services, you should feel right at home with this upgraded piece of technology. As connected cameras go, there’s a lot to explore an appreciate with Nest Cam, and the Nest Aware software that powers the experience is well worth taking a look at as well.

With that in mind, lets wander through this updated Nest Cam experience and see what is happening behind all the buttons.

For the uninitiated, Nest Cam is a web-enabled security camera with a powerful app and web interface to communicate with the camera from wherever you are. The camera can be a private security system for yourself, or a public camera that can be shared with the world. It has a speaker baked into the camera casing, so you can speak through your web or app interface and whoever is on the other end — kids, pets, someone breaking into your house and stealing your laptop — can hear you. Unlike its predecessors, Nest Cam is a 1080p camera with a UI that supports optical zoom and a night-vision mode that will kick in automatically if you tell it to. It’s also incredibly easy to set up and use. As indoor security cameras go — this thing isn’t waterproof, so don’t try to stick it outside — it’s one of the better overall experiences out there.

Source: iMore

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