GDRE Sport Neckband Bluetooth Headset (HV-900) – an economical hands free option for your Windows Phone

GRDE isn’t the first name that comes to mind when you think of Windows Phone accessories but the company offers a nice range of gadgets and gizmos that includes everything from cases to reading lights powered by your micro-USB port.

The company also offers a very economical Sport Neckband (official model number being HV-900) that offers hands free access to your Windows Phone. The design is similar to the old LG HBS-700 neckband but at a more budget friendly price. While the design and savings of the GRDE headset is appealing, often the reduction in price translates into a reduction in quality.

We had the opportunity to take the GRDE Sport Neckband out for a test drive recently and found it to be a decent, budget friendly option. There’s room for improvement but for a $25.00 BT headset that you can wear at the gym or the office, the headset is worth considering.

Source: iMore

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