From the Editor's Desk: Wide-angle fun

I get to have some fun this week and take a look at the HTC RE camera alongside the base model GoPro Hero, which I’d never used before now. The differences in the mini cameras are readily apparent — much more so than I appreciated when the RE debuted last fall. I think a lot of choosing one over the other is going to be a matter of intent. What are going looking to do, and how serious are you about doing it? (And, also, how much work do you want to do to be able to share the end result?)

Best part of this is going to be spending even more time in the pool with my monkeys. And then wrestling one or both of the cameras away from them. (This also explains last week’s image.)

So in the spirit of getting away from the computer for a bit (this is still a holiday weekend), let’s keep things brief this week.

Source: iMore

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