Free App of the Week: Journey to the stars with Star Walk 2

Another week, another free app on the App Store. This week, you’ll be able to gander at the stars and with Star Walk 2.

Not only does Star Walk 2 let you discover and track the position of an astounding number of celestial bodies and satellites, but it does it in a visually impressive way. The app uses augmented reality to track the sky wherever you point your phone. Star Walk 2 then serves up beautiful imagery of just what stars and constellations are on your horizon, allowing you to tap on what you’re interested in to learn more.

All of this is set to some eerie, atmospheric music that makes for an excellent experience. There’s a ton more that the app offers, like the ability to view objects in 3D, view the sky with X-Ray and infrared filters, and much more.

Star Walk 2 will be free on the App Store through July 9.

Download Star Walk 2 for free from the App Store

Source: iMore

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