Flying the iPhone and iPad friendly skies

Where do you take devices that are small, incredibly convenient to use, and that store a ton of data? To the skies.

It seems like a natural fit. Why have reams and reams of paper documents when every manual pilots and other crew members need can fit on an iPad. Why have hard-to-use sales terminals or mobile devices when an iPad or iPhone point-of-sale can be easier and more visual to use, and can go with service personnel onto the flights? Jonny Evans at Computerworld highlights several examples of iOS and iOS devices transforming air travel:

LaGuardia airport’s new terminal features over 100 iPads running OTG’s award-winning iPad app, which offers flight schedules in multiple languages, as well as airport announcements and more. These self-service kiosks exist to help passengers in many ways, not least, to miss flights less often.

The airline I use most, Air Canada, has been offering Passbook support for years and has already updated with an Apple Watch extension. Air Canada Rouge uses iPads for in-flight entertainment as well. I typically use Uber when in the United States to get to the airport and, pilots and passengers alike, I typically see a an endless ocean of iPhones at the terminal and on the plane providing information and entertainment for everyone waiting to board or to land.

How do you and your airline use iPhones or iPads for travel?

Source: iMore

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