FileMaker 14 adds mobile browser support, fast automation, and more for your business

FileMaker has announced the latest version of their FileMaker Platform, which allows businesses to create custom solutions to fit their needs on Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad, and the web.

FileMaker Platform 14 adds several new and powerful features for businesses, making it easier than ever to create customized solutions for multiple platforms.

FileMaker lets you get started quickly with pre-existing templates, which you can modify to fit your exact needs. FileMaker 14 adds a number of new tools. For instance, the new Script Workspace can speed up automation of different activities of your business:

A Script Workspace speeds automation of common business processes, such as assigning a new task to the employee with the most availability, reordering inventory when stock is low or creating an invoice during a customer meeting. The Script Workspace consolidates the creation, editing and viewing of scripts and calculations, all in one streamlined workspace. Auto-complete, favorites, in-line editing, shortcuts, script step descriptions with in-line Help, automated command-lookup and other features speed development. Even nonprogrammers can use scripting to create custom solutions, with FileMaker’s point-and-click simplicity and contextual guidance.

FileMaker 14 also includes a new version of FileMaker WebDirect, which helps you build solutions the latest tablets. The Launch Center lets you to visually organize all of your solutions, and you can personalize their look with pre-built or custom icons.

There is also a new version of FileMaker Go for iPhone and iPad. The app adds a new interface for iOS 8, and lets you easily share information on the go. Here are just some of the features in the new FileMaker Go 14:

  • Get new features to make it even easier to control how your solutions look and run on iPad and iPhone.
  • New user interface – Get an iOS 8-style look for a consistent user experience. Plus, make your solutions full screen by hiding the user interface.
  • Set screen orientation – Use a script to lock the orientation of your layout in to build layouts specifically for portrait or landscape views.
  • Enhanced signature capture – Display the signature capture screen in portrait view as well as landscape.
  • Video and audio playback control – Play videos in a container field as well as in full screen.
  • Enable touch keyboards – Add a script to control whether or not the keyboard appears in your layout.
  • Rich text editing – Choose the size, color, and font of your text — includes bold, underline, and italics options.

FileMaker Pro 14 pricing starts at $9 per month, billed annually at $108. You can also purchase an individual FileMaker Pro license outright for $329, or $549 for the Advanced version. You can also download and try FileMaker Pro 14 for free for 30 days.

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