Facebook currently testing new Snapchat-esque features to enhance your photos

Facebook is currently testing new features that will introduce new Snapchat-esque filters, text and stickers to enhance uploaded stickers to share them with your circle. According to TechCrunch, the social giant has already rolled out the features to select few installs of the official Facebook client on iOS hardware. The various filters and formatting options are available for photos shared through the app.

From the TechCrunch report:

“It lets you add overlaid text in any color, instantly preview filters that you swipe across your photos, or paste Facebook’s stickers on top. Facebook offered more standard filters before and had tested photo stickers, but now they live with the fresh text option in the new enhancements tray.”

Aiming to compete against the likes of Snapchat, Facebook will undoubtedly add more options to the new uploader to keep users logged in and actively using their platform over competitors. You will need to prepare yourself for all the edited imagery that will surely hit your timeline.

Unfortunately, there’s no word as to when we can expect to see these new features be made available to all consumers rocking the iOS app, as well as other platforms.

Source: TechCrunch

Source: iMore

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