Enhance your hotel stay at Four Seasons with its new app

Four Seasons has launched a new iPhone app that will let guests enhance their hotel stay in several ways, right from their phones.

With people traveling more frequently, and a smartphone in nearly everyone’s pocket, most enjoy being able to take advantage of additional features right from their devices. Four Seasons, a popular luxury resort, has launched a new Android app that lets guests take advantage of several additional features right from the palm of their hand.

With the new Four Seasons app, guests can now:

  • Check in and out with ease
  • Enhance your stay with customized services
  • Explore like a local with insider tips
  • Order in room dining and make restaurant reservations

Whether planning a vacation, or looking to manage an existing reservation, if you are looking to stay at a Four Seasons, you will want this app on your phone.

Source: iMore

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