Electronic Arts brings a stellar lineup of games to E3 2015

With so many new press conferences going on during E3 this year, the established publishers face more pressure than ever to deliver a good show. Last year, Electronic Arts’ press conference left something to be desired. They just didn’t have a lot of games far enough along to be shown, and so we got lots of concept art and teases rather than substantial presentations.

Luckily, EA came to E3 2015 with a much better presentation and several compelling playable games. This year’s lineup of titles includes Need for Speed, an impressive Star Wars: The Old Republic expansion, Unravel, Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2, and the heavy hitter Star Wars Battlefront. On the mobile front, Minions Paradise looks like a fun game for the city building crowd.

Read on for our breakdown of EA’s E3 2015 software lineup!

Source: iMore

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