EE launches new 4G-enabled Action Cam for all your live streaming

EE wants to help you stream life events with others by launching its new 4G-enabled Action Cam. The GoPro competitor offers a new way to get connected with little effort and commence streaming.

The UK mobile operator already has its brand on a range of products, including portable chargers. Now the company is launching a camera, but there’s a twist – this camera can stream over 4G LTE, without being tethered to a smartphone. The EE Action Cam records at 1080p (30FPS) and 720p (30/60 FPS), and can capture still shots with the 13MP shooter.

While 1080p is available, the camera is limited to 720p for streaming. Should you wish to capture full HD, you’ll need to take advantage of the on-board microSD slot, which can hold a 64GB card. The whole device is powered by a 2,260mAh power plant which will provide you with up to three hours of streaming. Much like competing setups, there are a range of accessories available for different attachments.

With the EE Action Cam, you can’t purchase it outright. You’ll need to bound yourself to the EE network, subscribing to the Action Cam itself. The most affordable option is to add the camera to a shared plan for an extra £10 a month (and £99 upfront – not applicable for orders up until July 12). Should you be a new customer, a plan will set you back from £15 a month. PAYG is available, but you’ll have to shell out £299.

The EE Action Cam will launch on June 16. Check the EE website for more details.

Source: EE

Source: iMore

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