Eddy Cue tweets on Apple Music Beats migration, locker size limits, iOS 9

Apple’s senior vice president of internet services, Eddy Cue, returned to Twitter this weekend to answer a few questions about the company’s upcoming Apple Music service, set to debut on Tuesday, June 30. Cue’s responses included new information on Beats to Apple Music migration, a potential increase in the song limit for the Apple Music version of iTunes Match, as well as the availability of a new iOS 9 beta with the full Apple Music feature set.

On Beats Music to Apple Music migration:

On a potential increase in song storage from the current 25K to a potential 100K:

On iOS 9 beta support for Apple Music:

So, come Tuesday, existing Beats Music users should have an easy way to update to Apple Music, fans of music lockers will start off with the same 25K song limit as iTunes Match but could see it go as high as 100K this fall, and those using the iOS 9 beta will get an update so their “secondary test devices” can also enjoy Apple’s new joint.

And we know all that, once again, thanks to Eddy Cue jumping on Twitter on the weekend. (New Apple indeed.)

For more on Apple Music, see our comprehensive Apple Music FAQ, and then join us Tuesday for complete coverage.

Source: iMore

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