E3 2015: Hands on with Electronic Arts' emotional new adventure Unravel

During E3, the press conferences have lots of predictable announcements. We learn about the latest sequels and see early gameplay footage of previously announced titles. Sometimes we do get some nice surprises though, such as Microsoft announcing Xbox 360 backwards compatibility for Xbox One, or Sony announcing the Final Fantasy VII remake for PlayStation 4.

One relatively small but pleasant surprise for me came during Electronic Arts’ E3 2015 press conference. There the mega-publisher revealed Unravel, an uncharacteristically small-scale game. Unravel stars a character made completely from yarn. This gives him unique powers but also causes him to unravel when he travels too far. We don’t see many games as humble and thought provoking as Unravel from the larger game publishers.

Naturally I had to play Unravel during my visit to E3. Read on for my extra detailed impressions!

Source: iMore

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