Do you use the iPad as your primary computer?

For many people the iPad is the most accessible, approachable computer they’ve ever known.

Prior to the iPad, computing was still intimidating for many people. File systems were a maze, layered windows were unnavigable, and trying to install or remove an app was a nightmare. Even the Mac, which was always amongst the easiest computer to use wasn’t the easiest a computer could be to use. The iPad solved that for a lot of people. With a focus on simplicity and direct manipulation, it made computing even more mainstream.

At WWDC 2015, Apple announced a host of new iOS 9 features specifically for the iPad with the goal of keeping it simple but making it even more useful. That includes new Slide Over sidebars for quick app interactions, Split View for basic multi-window workflows, picture-in-picture video (PiP) for watching or listening while you work, better keyboard tools and shortcuts both virtually and when connected to hardware, and the ability to use two fingers to simulate a trackpad for precise cursor placement.

If you prefer your iPad experience to be Home button > App > Home button, then just like Notification Center, Control Center, or the fast app switcher, you never have use or even see the new multitasking features. But if you want to get more productive, the new multitasking features are right there to support you.

That’s the balance that needs to be achieved between concept and implementation — adding functionality without complexity, and making options available rather than in the way.

Because of all the new features, we want to make iPad in general, and iPad productivity and creativity in particular, a prominent part of our coverage this summer. To that end, we’d like to start the discussion with as many people as possible and include as many use cases as possible.

So, if you use your iPad as your primary computer, what kind of work do you do on it, and how do you think the new iOS 9 features will help you accomplish it?

Source: iMore

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