Discover credit card members in the US will be able to use Apple Pay starting this fall

The Discover credit card company has reached an agreement with Apple that will allow members in the US to start using Apple Pay this fall.

Discover said back in September they were “in discussions” to support Apple Pay but they were not among the launch partners when the payment service launched in October. Now the company has confirmed that its US members will be able to pay for goods and services via the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and Apple Watch beginning sometime this fall. A specific release date was note announced.

The company also said they will support Apple Pay for users who pay within apps on the iPad Air 2 and the iPad mini 3. Discover added:

Discover credit cardmembers will still receive all of their current benefits, including Cashback Bonus and the new Freeze It security tool that allows them to stop any new purchases, cash advances and balance transfers when they temporarily misplace their cards. As part of the agreement, Discover Network will enable eligible financial institutions, including Discover Debit issuers, to let their card holders use Apple Pay.

Discover is the third largest credit card company in the US, behind Visa and MasterCard, and currently has 61 million cardholders.

Source: Discover

Source: iMore

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