Dell Venue 10 7000 hands-on

Following on from the Venue 8, Dell’s new 10-inch Android slate boasts high-end specs, depth-sensing cameras and a unique form factor.

One of the biggest Android tablet surprises of 2015 has been the Venue 8 7000 series, the super-thin tablet with a depth-sensing camera and a gorgeous display, which gets even better with Lollipop. Now the manufacturer’s back with a second Android 5.0 slate, the 10.5-inch Venue 10 7000 series. Like its predecessor it eschews the traditional tablet form factor in favor of an unconventional handle/hinge design, while also running a high-end Intel processor with the chipmaker’s RealSense 3D camera tech.

Sure, Dell’s still terrible at naming most of its products, but we can’t deny that the veteran PC maker is coming out with some interesting Android tablets this year. Head past the break for a closer look at Dell’s latest 10-incher.

Source: iMore

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