Comparing Project Fi pricing to other no-contract carrier offerings

Google’s Project Fi isn’t so much a revolution in pricing as it is a rethinking of how a carrier should work.

Not many people have a strong liking for the way their current mobile carrier operates. You can find the same stories about bad customer support, data speeds and phones related to all of the major carrier in the U.S., and Google’s hoping to get some of those disgruntled customers to come try its new offering called Project Fi.

The premise is pretty simple: Pay for the data you plan to use, and get a refund the next month for data you don’t end up using. Your money gets you access to the Sprint and T-Mobile networks, as well as thousands of Google-certified WiFi hotspots to help reduce mobile data usage. The network extends around the world with the same pay-for-use model while roaming, and no matter what your phone preference is you can only get a Nexus 6 right now.

It’s understandable, and downright intuitive — but let’s see how the value actually compares to the other carriers.

Source: iMore

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