Codemasters ressurect a cult classic with Overlord: Fellowship of Evil

Codemasters are set to hit Xbox One with a top-down action RPG based on the Overlord franchise.

Codemasters are a UK based studio who enjoy an incredibly rich history. Perhaps most famous for various racing games, such as DiRT and Colin McRae Rally, but Codemasters have also turned their hand to other genres.

Overlord was a third person action RPG, which tasked players to take control of an Overlord, and micro-manage an army of minions with various abilities. Overlord for me always carried a very Fable-esque vibe, featuring very British tongue in cheek humour, a morality metagame and a rich colour pallet.

Overlord: Fellowship of Evil will sport elements of the cult classic Xbox 360 games of yesteryear, with some significant gameplay revisions.

Source: iMore

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