Choosing between a Chromebook and a large Android tablet

Google now has two platforms for desktop-class computing, but which experience is up to the task of being a standalone laptop?

While it may be easy to look at Chromebooks and mock them for being “just a browser” or look at an Android tablet and call it “just a big phone,” it turns out there’s not a lot of truth behind the derision. We’ve entered an era where the browser is the platform for a lot of work and play, and apps come in all shapes and sizes. That’s not to say there’s no need for high-end computing machines, especially for folks who need that hardware for games and resource-intensive tasks, but it does mean there are lots of options out there now for web-focused and casual users.

It also means Google has a pair of platforms for you to choose from, and we took a look at why you might consider one over the other.

Source: iMore

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