Check if your favorite app is available on the Apple Watch with this great site

Seeing if an app has gained support for the Apple Watch is now as easy as typing its name into a website, thanks to developer Cesare Rocchi.

CanIHazaWatchApp is a new site from Cesare Rocchi, the developer behind Neater app and others, which allows you to type in the name of your favorite iPhone or iPad app to see if it supports the Apple Watch. We are already keeping an extensive list of all the apps that we see gain Apple Watch support, but options are always good to have.

Checking for compatibility is super simple. All you have to do is head over to the site and type the name of an app in the search bar. From here it will populate a list of apps with the name you have searched, and clicking on the name of the app will bring you to the results.

If the Apple Watch is not yet supported it will say “Not yet :-(“, but if the app does have support it will show “Oh yeah :-)”. Results for apps that have been updated with Apple Watch support will also show the Apple Watch screen shots of the app. Give it a shot, and see if your favorite app has been updated with Apple Watch support yet.

Source: @_funkyboy

Source: iMore

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