Chalkboard Pinball Creator lets you build the pinball machine of your dreams

Chalkboard Pinball Creator for iPhone and iPad lets you build and play in your own virtual pinball machines.

Chalkboard Pinball Creator is the latest title from Pangea Software, developer of iOS titles such as Enigmo. With Chalkboard Pinball Creator, you can build any virtual pinball machine you can imagine. You’re given a chalkboard, on which you can sketch whatever kind of machine you’d like. Add bumpers, obstacles, and more to your course.

In addition to building your own machine, you have access to several built-in levels. These include standard pinball tables, along with several variations. You can choose between these pre-built options and your creations after selecting the number of players. Games can accommodate up to four players.

Chalkboard Pinball Creator is free to download, though it includes a $2.99 in-app purchase to remove ads. You can download the game from the App Store now.

Source: iMore

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