Are you an iTunes Match subscriber seeing matched tracks as "Apple Music"? Here's the fix!

iTunes 12.2.1 addresses the weird catalog mismatch and should bring your iTunes Match tracks back to you.

If you had an iTunes Match subscription and ran into iCloud Music Library errors where your tracks were showing up as matching to the DRM-encumbered Apple Music catalog, you can breathe easy: Apple just released a fix in the form of iTunes 12.2.1.

Merely installing the update may fix your woes, but if you’re still having issues, Apple recommends resetting your iCloud Music Library and starting over. Follow these steps to do so, but be warned, this will remove any Apple Music catalog songs or playlists you’ve downloaded from iCloud as well.

  1. Turn off iCloud Music Library on all your devices.
  2. Hard reset your iCloud Music Library.
  3. Quit iTunes. When you restart the app, hold down the Command and Option keys on your Mac (Control and Shift on a PC). When the alert pop-up appears, click Restore iTunes Library to restore your local library’s metadata and the like. (If you have a full backup of your iTunes Library, you can also just option-click iTunes to open that library instead of your potentially-corrupted one.)
  4. Once the process finishes and you’ve verified that your songs are correct, you can re-enable iCloud Music Library. If you get a dialog box querying what you’d like to do with songs already on your other devices, choose Replace.

Hopefully this helps those of you who are still having iTunes Match and Apple Music errors; if not, check out my other myriad articles on Match and Music, leave a comment here, or contact Apple Support.

Source: iMore

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