Apple's retail head Angela Ahrendts helps to open the newest Apple Store in NYC

The newest Apple Store is now open in New York City in its famous Upper East Side neighborhood, and the company’s retail head Angela Ahrendts was on hand for the event.

Apple opened its sixth retail store in New York City today, and the event was important enough for the company’s retail head Angela Ahrendts to attend the ceremonies. Located at the corner of East 74th Street and Madison Avenue, the store was built inside a 93-year old bank building. AppleInsider reports that the store’s interior design has some unique features, such as an inset wall made to display Beats headphones.

Even the bank’s old vault is being reused in this new store design: AppleInsider states:

Downstairs, the old bank vault has been left in place and converted into a VIP room with couches, a large television, and laptops and iPhones displayed along the wall. The vault will reportedly be used to host Apple Watch Edition try-on appointments.

Some people who live in the surrounding neighborhood have expressed their opposition to the new Apple Store, fearing that it might generate large crowds. Apple has tries to put its best foot forward, assuring its newest neighbors that the store will have “a smaller footprint, earlier closing time, and private shopping options for customers.”

Source: AppleInsider

Source: iMore

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