Apple Watch support is coming to Volvo's iPhone app in June

Volvo is the latest company with plans to support the Apple Watch, thanks to an update for its Volvo on Call app in late June.

If you own a Volvo and an Apple Watch, you will have some good news in late June. That’s when the car company will issue an update to its Volvo on Call app for the iPhone that will include support for Apple’s smartwatch.

Here’s what Volvo has to say about the update:

This will effectively allow Volvo drivers with the Volvo On Call app to control settings, lock/unlock, locate and utilize many other Volvo services from their wrist.

Volvo on Call is currently available in 21 markets and is a standard for Volvo car buyers in Brazil, the US and Canada. The company says it currently has around 230,000 active subscribers for Volvo on Call worldwide. The iPhone app already allows users to locate their Volvo car on a map, along with remote locking or unlocking of their vehicle and getting help from roadside assistance, among other things.

Source: Volvo

Source: iMore

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