Apple Watch Sport and stainless bands: Here's what they look like!

Wondering what the silver and space gray Apple Watch Sport looks like with the Milanese, Link Bracelet, Leather Loop, or Modern Buckle?

One of the biggest questions we have been getting asked is how the Apple Watch Sport looks with stainless steel bands from the regular Apple Watch collection. While my answer will always be that it’s going to be a highly personal preference, I did take the time to head up to my local Apple Store and snap tons of photos of several different combinations in order to help you decide. So if you’re debating over what additional bands you should order, if any, for your Apple Watch Sport, follow along to view all the different combinations in photos!

Milanese Loop

The Milanese band is made of woven stainless steel all around. This is the band we’ve been asked most about, and my colleague Serenity has already shown you several photos of what it looks like on the silver model. So here are some more, including on a space gray body.

Silver Sport casing

Space Gray Sport casing

Link Bracelet

The Link bracelet comes in both silver stainless and space gray stainless. Unfortunately, our local Apple Store didn’t have the space gray variant available for try-ons. I was however able to try the silver edition on with both the silver and space gray Sport casings. The sides stand out about the same as they do with the Milanese band. However, since the Link Bracelet has a different finish, the look is completely different, as you can see in the photos below.

Silver Sport casing

Space Gray Sport casing

Modern Buckle

The Modern Buckle comes in black, midnight blue, soft pink, and brown options. The clasp at the back and the pins on the top and the bottom of all four versions are stainless steel. I was able to try the black version of the Modern Buckle with both the space gray and silver Sport casing. I personally thought it looked fine since the only stainless you see are the pins and clasp. At a close distance, you can tell. From a few feet away, you wouldn’t know.

Silver Sport casing

Space Gray Sport casing

Leather Loop

The Leather Loop does not have stainless pins or a stainless clasp that is visible. That being said, of all the combinations, the Leather Loop is the most versatile band option with any Watch collection, regardless of material.

If you already know two different kinds of metal touching will aesthetically bother you, yet you still want a secondary band to go with your Apple Watch Sport, that isn’t a Sport band, the Leather Loop is currently the best option.

Corrosion, other concerns

There’s been some concern about whether or not the two different metals having direct contact with each other will cause corrosion over time. While I can’t give you a definitive answer right now, I can go off my past experience with Apple’s metals. Apple has always used a high quality clear coat that acts as a sealant from weather, scratches, and other environmental hazards. The Apple Watch, in every variant, is no exception. While only time will really tell, my gut tells me that using stainless bracelets on the Sport edition isn’t something you should be too worried about.

What do you think?

If you’re planning on picking up a Sport edition Apple Watch, do you plan on buying any of other non-sport bands to go with it? If so, what did you pick? Did any of the above photos change your mind about how they look with the aluminum casing? Be sure to let me know in the comments!

Source: iMore

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