Apple was reportedly in talks with Uber for same-day delivery before Postmates

Apple reportedly entered into discussions with Uber regarding same-day delivery on products before the tech giant ultimately chose to take the service up with startup Postmates.

According to sources cited by The New York Times:

“In recent months, Uber lost out on the opportunity to make deliveries in some cities for Apple Inc. and Starbucks Corp., which discussed tie-ups with Uber but then made deals with startup courier service Postmates Inc.”

Apple was interested in partnering up with Uber’s on-demand delivery service, referred to internally as UberEverything. The service itself has failed to take off thus far, only bagging Uber a handful of deals. While no specific locations were mentioned, the two companies discussed “some cities.”

After talks reportedly broke down between Uber and Apple, the latter tech giant partnered with Postmates, launching the same-day delivery option last month.

Source: WSJ

Source: iMore

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