Apple Stores may revamp their third-party accessory displays next week

Apple is said to be planning to introduce new packaging for some third-party accessories in its Apple Retail Stores. Backing up reports last month that it would be re-vamping its in-store accessory displays to include fewer third-party options overall, it appears that Apple has worked with some companies to design new packaging for their products.

From 9to5Mac

According to a notice that Apple has sent to retail store employees, new packaging will start to appear on store shelves for accessories from Tech21, Sena, Incase, Mophie, Logitech, and Life Proof. According to the memo, the packaging will be mostly white to match the Mac, iPhone, and Apple Watch boxes, while they will also include simpler fonts, new photography, higher-quality materials, and more consistent compatibility labeling.

Apple is said to have been working with these accessory manufacturers for the last six months. The new packaging will reportedly begin showing up in select retail stores at some point next week.

Source: 9to5Mac

Source: iMore

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