Apple may include major iTunes Radio expansion during service's unveiling next week

Apple’s long-rumored music service will reportedly make its debut next week at WWDC, with a cost of $10.

As previously reported, Apple is said to be preparing to unveil its new streaming music service next week at WWDC. The service, based on Beats Music, will reportedly cost $9.99 per month, and may include a push to subscribe to the service for customer spending that much on an album. Apple is also said to be planning a major expansion of iTunes Radio, primarily for users outside of the U.S., according to The Wall Street Journal:

Apple sees two opportunities in the new streaming service, according to the people familiar with the matter: generating more revenue from existing iTunes customers, and expanding the universe of streaming-music subscribers. Its new radio push is aimed mainly at users outside the U.S., who don’t have access to Pandora and could eventually be converted to paying subscribers.

Apple has been reported to be in talks with artists for special guest DJ slots on iTunes Radio, and have already hired famous British DJ Zane Lowe to aid curation.

Apple is also reportedly prepping an aggressive marketing campaign for the launch, including a free trial period. Record labels and artists may also be able to offer some songs for free with the service. Additionally, Apple may not immediately migrate current Beats Music customers over to the new service, opting instead to work out any bugs in the system before forcing a move.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

Source: iMore

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