Apple highlights apps that support VoiceOver on the App Store

Apple has highlighted a series of apps that support VoiceOver on the App Store. The list includes communication utilities, news aggregators, games and productivity apps.

Baked into iOS 8, Apple’s VoiceOver technology lets those with vision impairments use an iPhone or iPad through audio cues and gestures, allowing them to navigate the interface with ease. Several third-party apps leverage the technology — which is built into the UIKit framework for developers — to highlight what’s occurring on-screen through audio information.

These are the apps highlighted by Apple:

Along with the iPhone and iPad, VoiceOver is also available for Apple Watch. Apple’s efforts in accessibility have earned the tech giant the 2015 Helen Keller Achievement Award, awarded by the American Foundation for the Blind.

Featured apps with VoiceOver support

Source: iMore

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