Apple Announces iOS 9 With Proactive Siri and More [iOS Blog]

Today at WWDC, Apple announced iOS 9, the latest version of its mobile operating system. iOS 9 has four central areas of improvement: intelligence, apps, iPad and foundation. Intelligence includes updates to Siri, which has a brand new design similar to its Apple Watch interface, and a new proactive assistant called Proactive.

The new, more proactive Siri is contextually aware and can offer you more information than ever. For instance, if a user runs every morning Siri can offer music to listen to when the user plugs in their headphones. The music is context sensitive and is dependent on time and place, so if a user is in the car Siri may offer an audiobook or podcast instead of music if that’s what the user usually does. If someone calls a user with a number not in their address book, Siri can now look through email to see if it can identify the number. If it can, it’ll display it.


Source: MacRumors

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