How to Transfer text messages from one iPhone to another iPhone

Transferring the text messages from your iPhone to another iphone is such a tricky problem. To transfer SMS and iMessage texts from one iPhone to another, either you have to use your iCloud Backup, or backing up your text messages to a Mac by using an app called PhoneView.

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Transfer by using iCloud backup:

The text messages of your iphone always get automatically saved in the iCloud backup. So you can uses this iCloud backup to transfer all of text messages by restoring them in the other iPhone where he needs to transfer. But the only demerits of this method is that, sometimes the messages forms part of the wider backup and restore, so the device settings and app data have to be restored at the same time, which means it removes any new messages from the iPhone. So this trick is best to use, when the user is setting up a new iPhone.

You have to follow the steps bellow to backup and restore your text Messages (or other app data) from one iPhone to another:

Step 1: First just connect your old iPhone to a power source and turn on your Wi-Fi.

Step 2: Then tap to Settings > iCloud > Storage & Backup.

Step 3: You have to turn on your iCoud Backup.

Step 4: Then tap Backup Now and wait until the backup process get completed.

Now turn on your new iPhone. You’ll need to go through the setup process if you haven’t done it already and when asked, tap Restore from your iCloud Backup and Next.

If you have already done your setup process, you’ll just need to reset your iPhone.

Tap on Settings > General > Reset and > Erase All Content and Settings.

Enter your Apple ID and Password

After you finished the above steps, your new iPhone will display all your messages and all your other apps, photos, emails and other app data from the old iPhone.

Backup SMS and iMessages texts to your Mac

This method is useful for those users who want to avoid the Backup and Restore process for transferring the Messages from one iPhone to another. For this operation they will just need a third-party app. You will find view apps that are available in app store that allow the users to access and save the data from an iPhone. Here we’re going to discuss about one of such kind of apps called PhoneView. You can follow the steps bellow.

First you have to install the PhoneView app.

It will get opened and select OK to the “PhoneView” would like to access your contacts window.

Then connect your iPhone to your Mac by using the USB cable.

Click to the Archive in the PhoneView alert window that has been appeared.

Then click the Messages in the ‘Sidebar’ and ‘OK’ to the ‘Now Loading Phone Data window’. It may takes a several minutes to load the iPhone data to load into the PhoneView program (at the bottom bar of the sidebar, a blue progress bar will showed how the data load is going on).

If you want to extract all of your messages then select all and click Copy from iPhone. Choose a location as you want and click Save.

i hope with this Guide you are able to Transfer text messages from one iPhone to another iPhone, if you like this post then don’t forget to share it with your friends and family members.

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