Instagram starts rolling out search for its web version

Instagram has started rolling out a new search feature on its website. Search allows you to find people, places, and hashtags. Both geotags and hashtags will hyperlink to location or hashtag pages, and you can quickly find top posts for either your chosen location or tag. Instagram’s web search will …

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More Windows 10 TV ads show smiling babies and happy feet

Microsoft posted the first Windows 10 TV ad on YouTube earlier, showing how it will be using clips of cute babies to promote their next PC operating system. Now some shorter Windows 10 TV ads have been posted, which again use toddlers to promote specific features in the OS. Source: …

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Spotify to provide a fresh personalized mix of music each week

Spotify is launching a new feature called Discover Weekly. This latest addition to the service will provide new means for streamers to find and enjoy new music. Spotify now adds a two-hour playlist of suggestions based on listening habits each week to your collection, which will improve as you interact …

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